The Story of Marketing Magnus

After starting & then selling multiple eCommerce and other platform services websites. I found this company as marketing is what that excites me.

growth about

Years of Experience


Hours of Experience


New client’s growth in ROAS

The approach

We spend the ad budget responsibly, just like it is our’s

The main reason that makes us very different from other marketing agencies.

Always Available

Our team is always available for you, weekly review meeting, urgent meetings, questions, anything.


We take your approval on major decisions and make you understand the benefits as well.

Our Services


Performance Marketing

Leveraging data-driven strategies to optimize ad spend and maximize return on investment for sustained business growth.

business consultancy

Business Consultancy

Tailored strategies to enhance operational efficiency and drive sustainable growth, unlocking your business’s full potential.

purchase online shopping

Conversions Rate Optimisation

Maximizing website conversion rates through strategic optimization, enhancing user experience for increased engagement and sales.


Website Design & Development

Crafting engaging, responsive websites to enhance user experience and drive business growth effectively.

Marketing Magnus Social Media Marketing SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Boosting website visibility and traffic through targeted keywords, optimized content, and improved search engine rankings.

Check the Most Important Benefits

These benefits will surely make it easy for you to choose us over others.

Friendly team

This is very much needed as in a business owner you should know whats going on on the marketing side.

The Meetings

Schedule meetings or call us anytime. It’s very much needed for any urgent updates. Also to strategise better.

Next-level Strategies

We make strategies for each and every account and discuss it with you to get unreal results.

Grow Your Business With Us